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The project has been completed and the website is no longer being updated.  


Africa is facing substantial challenges related to securing sustainable growth and jobs for millions of young people, predominantly in the private sector.

The Building Stronger Universities, Growth and Employment Platform (GEP) 2011-2013 aimed at contributing to economic growth, boosting innovation, job creation and management capacity especially in the agri-business sector of Africa economies. This was done through institutional capacity building at selected universities in Ghana and Tanzania.

This website presents and describes the outputs and activities of the platform. 



The Growth and Employment Platform activities are concentrated on supporting and facilitating Institutional Capacity Building at our partner universities. The aim is to improve their capacity to effectively deliver relevant research and education of high quality. This is done by supporting activities within different work packages:


2013.08.19 | BSUGE

Information meeting about BSU Phase two on 7th January 2014 in Copenhagen

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs invites to an information meeting about the Building Stronger Universities programme phase two. The meeting takes place on:    Tuesday 7 January 2014 10-12 am Eigtveds Pakhus Conference Room II, Ministry of Foreign Affairs The meeting is called to present the programme and the plans for the match-making…

2013.08.19 | BSUGE

BSU Phase II proposal approved

The External Grant Committee of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs at their meeting on 29th November approved the grant for BSU Phase two. The grant amounts to 100 million DKK. The programme covers the period 1 January 2014 – 1 November 2016.   The second phase builds upon the lessons learned and results achieved during the first…

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