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Phase II application

GEP Phase II proposal April 2013  Please download from here

BSU Phase II document November 2013



GEP newsletters


December 2013

December 2012

May 09th 2012

March 20th 2012

November 24th 2011

September 5th 2011

Annual reports

GEP Annual Report 2011 (August - December)

GEP Annual Accounts 2011 (August - December)

GEP Annual Report 2012 (January - December)

GEP Annual Accounts 2012 (January - December)

GEP Annual Report 2013 (January - December) - fortcoming

GEP Annual Accounts 2013 (January - December) - fortcoming


Inception report

in December 2011, Danida approved the Inception Report submitted by Universities Denmark.

Inception Report without annexes


Annex 1 – Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
Annex 2 – Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana
Annex 3 – University of Ghana
Annex 4 – University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Annex 5 – List of Platform Working Groups' members
Annex 6 – Description and definition of Institutional Capacity Building in BSU

Older documents

Mission report from UDSM and SUA in Tanzania, Nov-Dec 2010
Mission report from UoG and KNUST in Ghana, Feb 2011
Initial Platform Proposal
See the full publication search profile for the involved universities in Table 1

Capacity building documents

PREPARE-PhD (November 2011): Promoting Excellence in PhD Research Programmes in East Africa, external evaluation of an EU EDULINK funded capacity building project under the STRAPA agreement.

DDRN (July 2011): Producing knowledge for Development Together.

OECD (April 2011): Global Science Forum: Opportunities, Challenges and Good Practices In International Research Cooperation between Developed and Developing Countries.

Hjortsø, C.N. (2010): Guidleines for project management within Research Capcity Building (ENRECA - experience) 1989-2008.

Accomplishments of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, 2000–2010.

Hydén, J. (October 2010): "Mapping the World of Higher Education and Research Funders: Actors, Models, Mechanisms and Programs"

DFID (June 2010): How to note: Capacity Building in Research.

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