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PhD Courses

Support to ongoing reforms of PhD programmes

Lack of human capital in terms of well educated people is a serious constraint for economic development in Africa. For young university graduates to find jobs and contribute to the development of society it is important to have an adequate and qualifying education. At the Growth and Employment partner universities reform of the PhD systems are ongoing. This activity aimed at supporting these reforms.

At each of the four partner universities a number of PhD courses was designed and implemented with support from the Growth and Employment Platform. One of the new requirements being tested was the relevance of structured courses as part of a PhD program. The idea is to have a mixture of compulsory generic courses and elective subject specific courses that students can choose from.

The Growth and Employment Platform assisted the partner universities in running these courses on trail basis. This was done as joint activities between local and Danish scientific staff.


You can find the list and further description of all the implemented PhD courses here:

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