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The Platforms activities focus on strengthening institutional capacities in relation to research based education, growth and employment related research and dissemination:

  • Development of PhD courses
  • Staff upgrading
  • PhD scholarships for staff
  • Research collaboration
  • Dissemination

The Platform has established a set of principles to guide proposal development processes and the implementation of activities:

  • The agreement signed between University Denmark and Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs sets the conditions for all BSU activities
  • They must be firmly based on demands articulated by the university partners in Africa
  • They must be inline with the African universities own strategies and plans
  • Their must be a clear indication on how a given activity is contributing to the institutional strengthening of the involved universities
  • All assignments that involves financial compensation of staff time for Danish university staffs involvement must be based on a competitive selection procedure

Building Stronger Universities
Platform on Growth and Employment

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