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Building Stronger Universities

Building Stronger Universities

“Building Stronger Universities in Developing Countries” is a partnership between research and higher education institutions in developing countries and Danish universities.

The long-term goal of the initiative is to make the participating institutions stronger in the sense that they:

  • play an increasing role in the economic, social and political development of the societies in which they are located;
  • function as nodes of innovation and knowledge production, providing solutions to local/domestic and global challenges;
  • produce skilled and motivated graduates that can contribute to the further development of the societies and address the challenges faced.

Four thematic BSU Platforms
The initiative is organised around four thematic platforms:

  • Environment and Climate (BSUEC)
  • Growth and Employment (BSUGE)
  • Human Health (BSUHH)
  • Stability, Democracy and Rights (BSUSDR)

The themes are linked, and the initiative envisages and encourages collaboration and interaction between platforms.

The project is funded by Danida and the involved universities. In the initial stage, August 2011 - July 2113, the project comprises cooperation involving the eight universities in Denmark and selected universities in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Nepal.

Focus will be on institutional capacity building, including strengthening the capacity and quality of PhD education, strengthening the capacity to undertake research and disseminating research knowledge to stakeholders.

Building Stronger Universities
Platform on Growth and Employment

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